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Stepper Motor
Seri AK-R Print
Motion Devices
Stepper Motor 5-Fasa Tipe Rotary Actuator
The shaft type 5-phase stepper motors AK Series, deliver reliable performance at low costs. The motors will satisfy users looking for motors with high precision, speed, and torque. The rotary actuator shaft type stepper motors AK-R Series offer higher torque from compact sizes and are effective for mounting accessories such as tables or arms.

Main features

● Compact design and light weight with high accuracy, speed and torque
● Cost-effective
● Backlash
: □42mm - ±35' (0.58°), □60mm - ±20' (0.33°), □85mm - ±15' (0.25°)
● Brake force is released when applying power on brake wire.(24VDC non-polar type)
● Basic step angle
: 1:5 - 0.144°,1:7.2 - 0.1°,1:10 - 0.072
● Allowable speed
: 1:5 - 0 to 360rpm, 1:7.2 - 0 to 250rpm, 1:10 - 0 to 180rpm


• 60-square

Model Rotary actuator type A35K-M566(W)-R5 A40K-M566(W)-R7.2 A50K-M566(W)-R10
Max. holding torque 35kgf·cm(3.5N·m) 40kgf·cm(4.0N·m) 50kgf·cm(5.0N·m)
Moment of rotor inertia 280g·cm2 (280x10-7 kg·m2)
Rated current 1,4A/Phase
Basic step angle 0.144° / 0.072°(Full/Half step) 0.1° / 0.05°(Full/Half step) 0.072° / 0.036°(Full/Half step)
Gear ratio 1 : 5 1 : 7.2 1 : 10
Allowable speed range 0 to 360rpm 0 to 250rpm 0 to 180rpm
Backlash[mln] ±20' (0.33°)
Electro magnetic brake Rated excitation voltage 24VDC(non-polarity)
Rated excitation current 0.33A
Static friction torque Min.4kgf·cm
Rotation part Inertia 2.5x10-6 kgf·cm2
Operating time Max. 22ms
Releasing time Max. 37ms
Absolute position error※1 ±20 minute(0.33°)
Lost motion※1 ±20 mlnute(0.33°)
Insulation class CLASS B type(130°C)
Insulation resistance Min. 100MΩ(at 500VDC megger) between motor coil-case
Dielectric strength 1Min. at 1kVAC 50/60Hz between motor coil-case
Environ-ment Ambient temperature -10 to 50°C, storage: -25 to 85°C
Ambient humidity 35 to 85%RH, storage: 35 to 85%RH
Protection IP30(IEC34-5 standard)
Unit weight Rotary actuator type: 1.5kg

※1: It is only available for rotary actuator type.
※ Environment resistance is rated at no freezing of condensation.