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Autonics Indonesia Website - Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Photo sensor,Temperature Controller, Counter, Timer
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Please let me know how to test if the sensor is working properly or not.
Please let me know what sensing distance, setting distance and differential distance mean.
I am going to wire DC 2-wire proximity sensor to PLC. Please let me know how to do it?
I would like to transmit the output of encoder to PC. Is there any dedicated driver?
I am using E50S series. However, the pulse is unstable by the noise. Please let me know how to do.
I would like to control the conveyor line by using the rotary encoder and counter. Please let me know how to wire the rotary encoder to CT6.
I would like to use E40S series connecting PLC. Please explain about the output type of Encoder.
Is there any cautions when wiring AC/DC 2-wire sensor?
I am using DC 3-wire and DC 2-wire. Please let me know the difference.
Please let me know the proximity life

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